A Guide To Household Gas Boilers fault finding & Service in Greater Manchester.

household-gas-boiler-faultDon’t jeopardise you and your family’s safety by avoiding a faulty gas boiler in your house. Connect with Gas Safety Manchester to get the best Gas Boiler Services in Manchester. 

Gas Boilers are lifeline in every household. Hence, this is one of the very important appliances to be taken care of.

Before any fault emerges Boiler gives many signs that’s when it needs your attention and sometimes when these faults are ignored they can cause further problems which may cost a lot of money. We at Gas Safety Manchester provide 24/7 emergency Gas Boiler services in Greater Manchester and cover areas like Bury, Bolton, Manchester, Oldham, Rochdale, Salford, Stockport, Tameside, Trafford & Wigan as well.


There are three types of gas boilers, each of which is acquainted with a particular kind of house and needs.

1 Combination Gas Boiler 

These don’t require you to install a separate tank for water storage and an efficient for houses with more than one bathroom. In addition, they’re easy to install and best suited for households for powerful water heating.

2 System Gas Boiler 

Unlike Combi Boiler a System Boiler requires you to install a tank for water storage. Although it needs you to dedicate more space for your heating system, they are best suited for larger homes, where the requirement for hot water is comparatively more than an average house.

3 Regular Gas Boiler 

Conventional or Regular are the oldest form of gas boilers however, you should only consider them if necessary because they have a complex installation process and require extensive pipework too.


These are a few initial faults that might require a Gas Safe Registered Engineer’s services:

! The switch to the Gas Boiler is turned on and it’s not working.

If in your case, the Gas Boiler just wouldn’t work correctly even after you’ve made sure it’s switched on, it might be locking itself out as a safety precaution. It is advised not to take this matter into your hands or hand it over to inexperienced and non-registered engineers, who can make the issue worse.

! Pressure-related issues

The appliance sometimes can have water pressure problems which need a Gas Safe Registered Engineer’s scrutiny. Gas Safe Manchester’s engineers are experienced in resolving such issues.

! Water leakage from the Gas Boiler 

Did you see water oozing out of that Gas Boiler? Although it may not be a serious issue, you should immediately turn the boiler off and call engineer to resolve issue.

! Gas leak 

In some cases you can smell; rotten eggs or sewage, or hear; hissing which indicates gas leakage in your house. If you suspect a gas leakage immediately contact an engineer to fix the issue for you.

! Gas Boiler making noise 

If your Gas Boiler is making abnormal noises like whistling or gurgling you should contact an engineer who can make a professional diagnosis for the issue and guarantee you a safe solution.

If you are facing any of the above issues with your gas boiler we would recommend you get the appliance checked and fixed.


Like any other appliance even a small issue in boiler can turn into a major one. Hence, you should try and keep them under check; this can be done through Annual Gas Boiler Service. This way you can ensure your gas boiler is working correctly and also tells you when it’s time to replace the old boiler and install a new one.

In many cases, to keep the warranty of the gas boiler valid you are required to arrange an annual service for it.


You need to hire a Gas Safe Registered Engineer, it’s a legal obligation. Gas Safety Manchester has well-trained and experienced engineers who offer Boiler installation and repair services in Manchester. We also carry out other services like gas cooker installation and produce gas safety certificates at an effective price.

Gas Safety Manchester hopes that this article has helped you figure out the issue with your gas boiler. These appliances burn natural gas regularly, heating water for household purposes, so even if there’s a slight a possibility of them dysfunctioning, you should take action and get in touch with Gas Safety Manchester, we can provide you with an immediate solution to the issue.

For further enquiries please contact on: 07546245568 or visit our website: http://gassafetymanchester.co.uk/

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