Gas and Hob installation in Manchester

Gas Hob Installation in Manchester & Gas Cooker Installation

If you need a new or used Gas Cooker Installation please call us for reliable service. Our Registered Gas Safe Engineer will come and inspect when and where Installation should be done.

Our Gas Cooker Installation charges start from £49.99.

Call us on 07546245568 for an appointment

Gas Hob Installation

If you are looking to install a new Gas Hob or modernize your existing ones, our Engineers can come and inspect. We operate throughout Greater Manchester, Stockport, and Cheadle. Our Engineers offer Professional Service with reasonable pricing. Our prices start from £89.99.

An installation of a gas hob/cooker will involve:

  • Checking the existing pipe work for any gas leaks
  • Checking the gas meter installation
  • Installation of stability devices
  • Ventilation checks
  • Combustion analysis where appropriate
  • Safety controls/device checks
  • Appliance operation checks
  • Tightness testing following installation (checking for gas leaks)
  • Pipe work where required
  • Gas flow rate checks
  • Working pressure where possible
  • Flame picture checks
  • Checking appliance clearances
  • Checking the location of the appliance (checking for prohibited locations)

Call us on 07546245568 for further information & appointment.

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Gas Cooker Installation in Manchester

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